Karibu Online

IT (Management) Consultancy

What if further growth of your business is constrained by IT?

Discover our way of working and feel free to reach out.

Way of working

Hands-on approach

The only way to really understand what's going on is to feel it yourself.

Part of development team

There is no "I" in team; we're together in this building solid software solutions.

Report on findings

Notes are made along the way with weekly management reporting.

Discuss alternatives on management level

At some point, there will be some suggestions. Decisions need to be made top-down.

Start implementing changes

Depending on the findings and decisions made, the changes will be rolled out.

Variable level of involvement

There are different models to support, after an initial assessment:

- Self-managing

- Guided / coaching

- Full interim position


Vision translation

Roadmap definition


SOLID architectures

Modern technologies




Team composition



Karibu Online is a network of freelance professionals.